Daisy Outdoor Products Pink Gun (Pink/Black, 35.4 Inch)

Daisy MFG Pink BB Air Rifle

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Product Description

177 caliber pink BB spring air rifle, classic styled BB repeater with saddle ring & pink leather saddle tie, features a painted solid wood pink stock & forearm which commemorates the 10th Anniversary of women in the outdoors, a Division of the national wild turkey Federation, has a blade & ramp front sight & adjustable open rear sight, maximum velocity of 350 fp's & a 650 shot capacity.


  • Classic-style BB repeater with saddle ring and pink leather saddle tie
  • Blade-and-ramp front sight and adjustable open rear sight
  • 177 caliber BB gun has a Maximum velocity of 350 fps; 650-shot capacity
  • Painted solid wood stock; smooth bore steel barrel
  • Measures 36.4 inches long; weighs 2.2 pounds

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