Do-All Outdoors Airgun Auto Reset Target

Do-All Outdoors - Airgun Auto Reset, Rated for .17 Caliber Pellets

Do-All Outdoors - Airgun Auto Reset, Rated for .17 Caliber Pellets Rating:
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Product Description

The Do-All Traps (air gun) model (Model #SS7177), this unit is made specifically for air guns that shoot pellets. This is also a hands-free, resetting system. As the pellet strikes the target, the force spins it straight up. To reset the targets, simply shoot the reset target or any other target and begin another shooting rotation. With the Do-All Traps (air gun) model, millions of air gun owners now have a great new target system to improve their shooting skills.


  • RATED: specifically for .17 caliber pellets
  • DURABLE: constructed from strong materials, ideal for airguns
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: powder-coated paint ensures that product will maintain its look and integrity rain or shine
  • PERFECT FOR LEARNING: this target's airgun specific construction makes it an excellent target for new shooters to learn on
  • AUTO RESET: enjoy the hands free resetting feature of this target by shooting the center target to get the two outside targets to reset

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